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"Lights, Camera, ... Closed Captioning?" Department of Justice proposing a new movie theater experie

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is proposing new requirements for movie theaters (as a public accommodation) to exhibit movies with closed captioning and audio description. The thinking behind this proposal is that it allows individuals with vision or hearing disabilities the equal opportunity of the visual and auditory movie theater experience. In addition, family and friends of such individuals attending with them would be able to enjoy the communal experience. Current public input data reveals that individuals with vision or hearing disabilities attend movie theaters well below the national average because it is not an enjoyable experience.

Is the movie theater experience going to change for those without vision or hearing disabilities? No. The premise is that going forward movies are produced and distributed to theaters with the necessary technology built in, so that when an individual arrives at a theater and requests an auxiliary aid device the local theater has one available.

There are monetary costs involved for the theaters to come into compliance by the proposed deadlines. Will that be passed on to all consumers? Is that cost justified to promote such intangible concepts as equity, human dignity, and fairness? The DOJ would like your thoughts on the subject.

The public comment period on this proposal has been extended to December 1, 2014.The DOJ encourages the public to review the NPRM and comment. Comments may be submitted at by typing “movie theater” in the search bar. Or, you may submit comments by mail at the following addresses: Regular U. S. mail: Disability Rights Section, Civil Rights Division, U. S. Department of Justice, P. O. Box 2885, Fairfax, VA 22031-0885; Overnight, courier, or hand delivery: Disability Rights Section, Civil Rights Division, U. S. Department of Justice, 1425 New York Avenue, N. W., Suite 4039, Washington, D. C. 20005.

Please click on link below to read the proposal.


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