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Providing Access. Building Relationships.

Here at ADAConsultant.Guru we work with clients to provide accessibility that generates a quality consumer experience at their business or facility. Accessibility barriers may frequently include, but are not limited to, elements such as:


Parking spaces and aisles     Ramps and curb ramps    Accessible route      Restrooms      Signage



Mini storage

Strip centers




Hospitality building

Hotels/ Motels

Time shares

Apartment complexes

Multi-family buildings

Government housing

Types of Facilities We Serve:

Office space                                                  

Commercial buildings                                 

Light Industrial                                            


Flex space                              

Services We Offer:

Tier II Abbreviated Accessibility Survey                 

Tier III Full Accessibility Survey                                          

Electronic Report                                                                 

Implementation Plan    

Post Construction Inspection

Consultant Services


Expert Witness/ Testimony

In-Depth Explanation:

Please read  below for a more in-depth description of our services and the entire compliance process

Photograph of hand holding pen marking up planning table.
Photograph of a flow chart using boxes.
Photograph of hand writing on white board.


Taking a proactive approach to addressing the accessibility of your business/property will enable you to foster relationships with potential customers or clients. As your ADA Consultant in the Jacksonville and Orlando areas, this is how we will promote inclusion.


We recommend starting with an Accessibility Survey. It is not unusual to to report building features which are non-compliant. These elements  are recorded in a report.


This report can then be used to develop an Implementation Plan (or Barrier Removel Plan) to move the business/property into full compliance. After work is completed, a Post Construction Inspection is performed to ensure accurate compliance with the ADA standards.


Training for staff and/or employees can be provided to augment the human side of embracing the quality of life customers will begin to enjoy with the physical access your business has provided.


We can be a member of your planning team through a single project or through a long-term portfolio upgrade and expansion. As a Consultant we can provide accessibility subject area expertise during all phases of your company's growth. We can also give Expert Testimony as to the scope and timeframe of the implementation plan should you enter litigation.



The Accessibility Survey consists of elements or components which do not comply with the appropriate ADA standard (ADA 1991 Standard or ADA 2010 Standard). We offer two tiers based on several factors such as: client priority, client property type, client pre-purchase due dilligence, and client desire to make alterations/renovations.


Tier II Abbreviated Accessibility Survey is subject to representative sampling that completes a checklist contained within the ASTM standard. This tier often accompanies a standard Property Condition Assessment for managers and lenders. Accessibility is one of the components of due diligence when purchasing or refinancing a building - poor accessibility decreases a building's value.


Tier III Full Accessibility Survey involves a full in-depth survey to report compliance with ADA Title III and ADAAG. This survey addresses each accessible element and space within and/or without the facility and entails comprehensive measurements and counts. Captioned photographs are provided in the narrative report. Property owners, lenders, investors, and managers request Tier III as they are responsible for alterations needed to become compliant and have the most exposure to liability.



Business owners, property owners, and property managers are encouraged to recognize the importance of the Accessibility Survey report findings and to take a proactive approach toward compliance.  The report is broken into the components specified as client priority in the proposal. Each component will contain inspected elements and whether or not each element is compliant.  Any non-compliant element will also be separated into a narrative summary with a detailed explanation and a captioned photograph. Video may also be included if warranted. A summary page is included to prioritize elements and reference any local, state, or federal requirements.


 The physical report itself is transmitted via email using cloud based technology. You can view, download, print, and forward the report at your discretion. Pages may be viewed on a monitor or uploaded to a Power Point for a larger audience to view on a screen. Any additional documents will be uploaded into the appendix.


Facility size and survey type, along with the number of elements contained in the scope, determines the inspection time. Most inspections can be completed in a few hours while larger facilities or site inspections may take longer. All of these factors will impact the time period for report generation. Expedited reports may be generated for a fee.

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