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Service dog on a harness standing beside person.
A Jacksonville Business Owner and A Service Animal - What are the ADA Expectations?

Cindy Chandler August 2014


A service animal is working to enhance the quality of life for its owner by providing assistance to an individual with a disability. It is not a pet. Under the ADA, businesses allow people with disabilities to bring their service animals onto business premises in whatever areas customers are generally allowed. Read more to learn what a business owner needs to know to take a proactive approach to interacting with a service animal.



The word "escape" written as heading at top of written escape plan.
Site Access for All - Emergency Plan

Cindy Chandler February 2014


It is critical that those who use a mobility aid have an emergency plan in place.  Thought needs to be put into each step of the plan. Preparation will make you confident that, should an emergency arise at your residence, you can protect yourself, your family, and your belongings. As an ADA Consultant for Jacksonville and Orlando business and property owners should review their health and safety plan to make certain those employees with a disability can follow it safely - a HASP plan is a dynamic document and should be changed to reflect the employees' needs.

The icon of a red wheelchair in a group of blue human figures.
U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission

U.S. Department of Justice: Civil Rights Division


This is an invaluable link to a web page for Jacksonville and Orlando business and property owners . The Department of Justice compiled a list of frequently asked ADA questions on topics such as employment, state and local governments, public accommodations, and miscellaneous subjects. Federal agency telephone numbers and addresses are provided at the bottom of the web site page. The page was last updated February 2009.

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