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International Symbol of Accessibility going up a ramp.
Ramps and Lifts

Cindy Chandler September 2013


Resource information for both businesses and homeowners who need to install a ramp or lift. The article discusses size requirements, seasonal maintenance, outdoor types, safety advisory, and general usage guidelines. Links to home improvement chain stores that offer articles and videos are available, as well as links to a variety of resources. The ADA Standard for ramps is also included at the end of the article for those looking for specifications.

Overhead photograph of co-workers sitting at a round conference table and one person is sitting in wheelchair.
Working as an Employee Using a Wheelchair

Cindy Chandler August 2013


If you are an employee who needs modifications made, bear in mind that any modifications your employer makes are to meet your work needs, not to provide access to places in the facility not used  for employment related activities or benefits (EEOC, 1992). Accommodations that may be made typically fit into one of these categories:

  • Activities of Daily Living (toileting/grooming/eating)

  • Workstation Access (furniture height/electronic aids)

  • Work Site Access (flexible schedule if using public transportation)

  • Travel for Work (transportation/lodging/meeting site accessibility)

  • Wheelchair Etiquette (interaction with other employees)

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is a valuable resource as this agency offers practical solutions to workplace scenarios. A "wheelchair etiquette" section is also provided in the event an employee needs a subtle hint that people in wheelchairs are individuals, not equipment.

All terrain wheelchair in water at beach.
Enjoy the Great Florida Outdoors!

Cindy Chandler August 2013


Florida's climate makes great outdoor activities possible almost year round. Information for state parks in Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida that offer beach wheelchair access, accessible fishing piers, and boat tours is provided in this article. Click on the blue link to access the web page for more specific information about that state park. Also included is a link for the state park Accommodation Request Form should you need one.

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